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The alliance of European Universities led by Mondragon Unibertsitatea met in Kuopio, Finland

Kuopio, Finland – February 22, 2023

The alliance of European universities led by Mondragon Unibertsitatea, EU4DUAL, has met in Kuopio, Finland.

The aim of the alliance is to build a European higher education institution, the Centre of Excellence for Dual Education, which will generate expertise for the future needs of working life and solve global challenges in cooperation with students.

The EU4DUAL alliance brings together nine European multidisciplinary or applied sciences universities and companies from each of the participating countries that want to promote this innovative learning model and generate future talent.

The inaugural event of the alliance will be held this week at the Microkatu Campus of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Kuopio (Finland).

The European Dual Studies University Alliance (EU4DUAL) has received funding from the European University Initiative.

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