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Unleashing Research Excellence: Tackling Societal Grand Challenges

Welcome to a transformative realm of research at EU4Dual. Our commitment goes beyond academia; it’s about addressing society’s most pressing issues. Our thematic focus, carefully chosen through extensive deliberations, revolves around Societal Grand Challenges—issues that demand innovation, collaboration, and immediate attention.


Why Societal Grand Challenges?


Our thematic focus stands as a challenge to society, urging us to develop new knowledge, technologies, and methodologies that create lasting impact. These challenges are not just academic pursuits; they are critical to the entirety of society and the economy, demanding urgent action to maintain and improve our living standards.

The Unique Framework: Our approach to addressing these Grand Challenges is guided by a set of criteria, ensuring effectiveness, relevance, and impact:

  1. Challenge-based: Each thematic focus represents a challenge, paving the way for the development of cutting-edge solutions.
  2. Social Importance: These challenges affect the entirety of society, necessitating swift action for sustained improvement.
  3. Suitable to Dual Studies: Collaboration between academia and industry is essential, requiring significant reskilling to address the challenges effectively.
  4. Ongoing Activity: Our institutions already boast significant activities contributing towards addressing the challenges.
  5. Requires Collaboration: Recognizing that no single institution can make a significant impact alone, we leverage our collective resources, expertise, and collaboration to maximize our contribution to society.


Join the Pursuit of Excellence: For researchers seeking meaningful engagement, our Societal Grand Challenges offer a unique opportunity to make a real-world impact. Whether you’re a seasoned academic or an aspiring researcher, our collaborative environment provides a platform to:

  • Contribute to ongoing activities that address Grand Challenges.
  • Engage in groundbreaking research that merges academic rigor with practical solutions.
  • Collaborate with industry experts, fostering dual studies that bridge academia and real-world applications.


Getting Involved: Explore the ongoing initiatives related to Societal Grand Challenges at EU4Dual.

For inquiries or to express your interest in contributing to our collaborative efforts, please contact us at


At EU4dual, we believe in the power of collective knowledge and collaboration to create solutions that transcend academia, making a lasting impact on society. Join us in the pursuit of excellence and the advancement of knowledge that truly matters.


Welcome to a community dedicated to making a difference.

Lighthouse research initiatives

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