Embrace Innovation: Shaping Tomorrow's Work and Education Today - Join the Movement!

Join us at the forefront of innovation and policy as we embark on an intellectual journey into the Future of Work and Dual Higher Education. 

Our conference will delve into the ever-evolving landscape of work and educational policies, offering a platform for visionary discussions and practical solutions.

Theme 1: ‘Future of Work’ brings together scientific minds to explore the impact of technological disruption, remote work dynamics, and the essential skills for Industry 5.0. 

Theme 2: ‘Dual Higher Education’ focuses on policy tracks. Be ready to gain insights into international policies and the shaping of education for the future.

Our conference objectives aim to facilitate collaboration, promote evidence-based practices, and generate actionable insights. 

This is your opportunity to shape the future. 

Let’s come together to make a difference.







Dive into the Cutting-Edge World of Work at our 

‘Future of Work’ Theme. 

Discover the latest scientific insights into technological disruption, remote work dynamics, and the skills needed for Industry 5.0. 

You will be able to explore subthemes and engage in breakout sessions for in-depth discussions.

More information will follow. 

Stay tuned!



Explore the Global Policies of Tomorrow’s Education at our 

‘Dual Higher Education (Policy Track)’ Theme. 

Delve into international and domestic education policies, with renowned presenters and policymakers leading the conversation. 

Nominate your country’s experts to share their insights. 

More information will follow. 

Stay tuned!