Over the next four years, we intend to

  • establish a cooperation mechanism to collaborate across borders on teaching, research and industry outreach around societal grand challenges

  • ensure that the majority of programmes offered by the dual university include research, teaching or internship elements from at least two members of the institution

  • launch a joint micro-credential portal, offering continuing career development and new skills created by us as well as our industry partners, linked to our grand challenges

  • launch an ecosystem of joint research projects, at micro-, meso- and macro-level supporting the development of our grand challenges

  • create an unparalleled transnational work-based learning programme with strong support from local and global businesses.

Our institutions will collaborate intensely over an extended period, making joint courses, research projects and work-based learning being the norm rather than the exception across our campuses. As deeply embedded institutions within peripheral regions across Europe this cooperation will incentivise development of links at regional level – bringing local governments closer together and creating new opportunities for SMEs.

We will innovate and share experience intensely
around Dual Education techniques, improving
the quality of the method, and increasing its
prevalence across Europe. Our work on the
Grand Challenges will deliver new knowledge
and ideas which can be transferred as
innovations to society and business.