Grand Challenge: Green Economy

Grand Challenge: Green Economy

Green jobs are the future—combining innovation with environmental responsibility.

The future of business is green.

Sustainable growth for a thriving future.

Green Jobs Today.

Investing in green technologies means investing in a sustainable and resilient future.

Grand Challenge Highlights

We aim to give society the capability to support the transition to economies that are low in carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.

The first EU4DUAL International Staff Week was held from 22 to 29 February in Kuopio, Finland, in the facilities of our Alliance partners at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. 44 participants from 16 different nationalities took part in this enriching event, which was organised for staff from the 9 Alliance partner universities as well as from any other institution. Thanks to this open approach, participants from Costa Rica, China, Kosovo and Ukraine also joined the week. In order to serve as a kick-off event for one of the major challenges that the EU4DUAL Alliance aims to address: Green Economy.