Graz, Austria – November 30, 2023

Through EU4DUAL, the European Dual Studies University, staff from the nine alliance partners have the opportunity to visit other institutions. Such experiences open doors to different perspectives and practices in dual higher education.

Recently, Marion Toblier from FH JOANNEUM had the privilege of visiting the University of Mondragon as part of our EU4DUAL partnership. From networking with local colleagues to immersing herself in Basque culture, Marion broadened her horizons and gained new insights. This exchange highlights the value of global collaboration in shaping innovative approaches, as staff mobility is a very powerful tool to enrich our work and promote excellence in dual higher education.

This is what Marion Toblier, staff member of FH JOANNEUM, had to say after her stay in the Basque Country:

“I was warmly welcomed by all my local colleagues and felt very well looked after everywhere. The programme was very varied: from a tour of the campus to attending a course. I had many opportunities to talk to local colleagues about their work and mine. I got an insight into the work of the International Office, had the opportunity to talk about the dual study programme and was given a tour of student projects.

Apart from the professional exchange, there were many opportunities to get to know the culture and learn a lot about the Basque Country. I can now say hello and goodbye to my Basque colleagues and I am convinced that the taste of Basque pintxos is second to none.

But above all, I have learned that international universities have a lot in common, but also different approaches and ideas. I am very grateful for this exchange – looking behind the scenes has enabled me to create new ways of thinking for a successful working day”.

This is just the first testimony of our mobility programmes, but there are sure to be many more.

Check out the nine partners where you can develop your mobility: